Eco Council 2022 - 2023

Eco letter_22.6.21.jpgThe Eco Council are very committed to sustainability, and encourage all pupils and staff to re-use, reduce and recycle. 

This year we are building on our prestigious GREEN FLAG award by launching our "Eco-Day".

This will be a whole day without the use electricity so watch this space for updates! 


To promote saving energy and recycling around the school, each week one class is given an ECO AWARD. The winning class is

revealed during assembly to celebrate their commitment to turning lights off, recycling paper and generally keeping their

classroom tidy and clutter free.

Bird Table 

We have built a beautiful bird table for our new garden. We are really excited to see all the birds come and eat here.

We wanted to attract a variety of different birds into our school grounds, so we have got many different bird boxes that will attract

different birds!!  

Our Garden

Now we have a beautiful clean garden we are going to start growing our own fruit and vegetables, starting with strawberries! 

Sunflower Seeds

Each class now has their own flower bed. We have all planted three sunflower seeds for each class. We are going to see which class

can grow the tallest sunflower!

Water Butt

We have installed a water butt so that when we want to water our plants we are not wasting water!!

Walk Once a Week!

Congratulations to all children that have been collecting their badges. Eco council have seen a huge improvement in the number of

children that are now walking to school,  Well done!! This is really helping our environment.

We have adapted our Eco Code so that is  easier to remember . Our new Eco Code is...   

"We Recycle, We Reduce,We Re-use" 


" If you want to be Eco, just follow our special code, all you have to do is recycle a load.

On the floor, not no more, pick up all that litter, to help make our world much fitter.

Don't leave on the lights, turn them off before you go, it really will make our Eco-school show.

Everone leave your cars and walk to school,Do all this so we can show,  here at St. Mary's we are so ECO!!"  

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