Salford Foundation Trust

The Salford Foundation Trust is a charity that helps children and young people to develop their hobbies, interests, skills and talents by providing funding that would otherwise be unavailable from any other source.

Where does the Trust get its funding from?
The Trust is a registered charity (Reg No: 1105303) and relies on donations from local businesses, other related charities and fundraising activities.

Does all the money raised for the Trust go to children and young people in Salford?
Yes 100% of monies raised goes directly to opportunities. The administration costs of the Trust are provided by the support of Salford Foundation, a social inclusion charity.

 You are eligible to apply if you:
Are aged between 5 – 25 years old.

Have been a resident in the City of Salford for more than three years.
Are unable to fund the opportunity through another source.

Please note priority will be given to applicants under 21.
The Trust has five categories: (A) General, (B) Performing Arts, (C) Sport, (D) Vocational and (E) Skills and Talent for Self Employment.

 The Trust will consider requests to fund opportunities that will enable a child or young person to learn and/or develop new skills or take part in a character building experience or activity.
This could be funding for, example:
·         a piece of equipment
·         an activity
·         a training course
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