Covid 19 Advice for Parents 

September 2021 Welcome Back Arrangements

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope this update finds you and your families safe and well and enjoying the summer break. We are very much looking forward to the start of a new school year.

As you will be aware there have been changes to the government’s Covid-19 guidance during the summer holiday. Although many restrictions have been lifted there are many procedures that remain for schools to ensure the least possible disruption to the education of the pupils.

The below outlines key points from the approved risk assessment for September 2021. The full document will be uploaded onto the school website for you to view at your convenience. 

Treehouse’ before and after school club will be operating as normal, please contact Louise Irvine on 07889 99113 for any enquiries.

Key points for reference (mandatory)

Social distancing and ventilation
Previous ‘Bubbles’ are no longer mandatory so if ONE PUPIL has to self-isolate the class as a whole will not be impacted. (Please refer to the final section for actions should several pupils in one class test positive).

Social distancing between adults is still encouraged.

Classrooms can be organised at the discretion of each class teacher according to individual need.

All classrooms will be well ventilated with windows/doors open. (In colder weather please ensure your child wears additional layers under their school uniform to prevent them from being cold).

A cautious approach will be taken to large indoor gatherings using current local Public Health data as the guide.

Break times and lunch times will be staggered in line with traditional practice ensuring two classes are outside at any one time.

Start and finishing times
Traditional times will be in operation for all pupils. All pupils will revert to being collected at home-time from their entrance playground.  

Doors Open


School Starts


School Finishes

(EYFS & KS1)

School Finishes


8.45am 8.55am 3.20pm 3.25pm

Entry and exit to and from the school grounds

Please continue to enter the site via the pedestrian gate and exit through the vehicular gate.

Follow directions from staff members if given and do not turn back on yourself to exit through the gate you entered by.


Resources and Attendance

Equipment cannot be shared such as pencils and pens. Every pupil will have their own pack of stationery provided by the school.
Items brought to school must be an absolute minimum. So ONLY reading book and folder, water bottle, packed lunch (if on packed lunches) and PE kit brought and left on the school premises.
Excellent attendance will be expected at all times.

On site visits
On-site visits will be kept to a minimum in the first instance and the wearing of face coverings politely requested.
A clear record of on-site visitors will be kept for track and trace purposes.

High levels of hygiene will continue.

Sanitisers are fitted in every classroom and in all entrance and exit areas. They will be used regularly throughout the day and regular handwashing will take place, also.

Staff will monitor toilet areas. One pupil per toilet will access the facilities at any one time.

First Aid
Staff will wear PPE if a pupil is Covid-19 symptomatic, ill, or suffers an injury/accident involving bodily fluids or for a pupil who needs intimate care.

Covid-19 symptomatic pupils will be isolated in the designated area and wait there with a member of staff in PPE until collected by a parent.
First Aid procedures in place are to be followed as normal.
Parents must inform school of the outcomes of any Covid-19 testing so that protocols to minimise the risk of infection are actioned. School will continue to work with the local Public Health Team to ensure the government’s ‘track and trace’ programme is followed.

COVID 19 symptoms and quarantine

If your child shows symptoms it is essential that they do not attend school – medical advice must be sought and a PCR test taken.

If a pupil tests positive they must follow government instructions on isolation. School will provide remote learning from the first day of absence through google classroom (or a mutually agreed alternative means if google classroom is not possible for the parent).

If you have returned from a country that is currently on the government’s quarantine list, please contact the school office and advise when your child is able to return to school.

We hope that you will understand that these measures are crucial and made in the best interests of the continued good health and wellbeing of all in our school community.

We will of course communicate any changes as they are received and, as ever, thank you all for your continued support.

Warmest wishes.