School Council 2023 - 2024

As the School Council we are committed to representing our classmates so that we can all have a say in how we feel our school can be even better (not that it could get much better..!)


We have worked together to create our own School Council Mission Statement which all our members contributed to.

Here is what we came up with:

"Our School Council wants to share our classmates ideas,

Look after our school,

And create projects that involve everyone"


School Council

Our School council have been very active this half term with regular meetings to find ways of improving our school.


School Council Top 5 Tips – We have been thinking about what makes a successful school council.

Here is our top five tips on how we believe our school council should be run:

1.     Be yourself

2.     Be kind and listen to each other

3.     Don’t be afraid to speak up

4.     Be committed

5.     Be caring

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